Airport Authority votes to close Aerospace Specialties lawsuit

By Sarah Mansheim

The Greenbrier County Airport Authority voted on Wednesday night to accept an offer to close the civil lawsuit brought against them by Aerospace Specialties.

The aviation company had brought a lawsuit against the authority and Greenbrier Valley Airport alleging breach of contract on May 28. According to the suit, Aerospace Specialties had been wrongfully evicted from a hangar located on the airport grounds.

According to the suit, the company had been evicted on grounds of nonpayment of rent. The airport authority filed a counter suit in August alleging, in part, that the former airport chief financial officer Linda Yoak had hidden the fact that she held an ownership interest in Aerospace Specialties and had written the hangar lease with a deep discount on the rent.

During an emergency meeting of the Greenbrier County Airport Authority on Wednesday, airport manager Stephen Snyder stated that the authority had convened to discuss the issue due to its time-sensitive nature.


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