A friend, really

Mr. Detch, you call me a friend and then you accuse me of ignorance. I asked questions about Antifa and protesters, who in Chicago, this weekend destroyed and then stole all they could carry to waiting cars, dropped off goods and repeated process. In Portland, peaceful Antifa stormed a residential area threatening to kill the residents while screaming Black Lives Matter. These events happened in Democratic governed, but not controlled, cities with the consent of those on the city councils. The Chicago downtown shopping area was struck by an organized and logistically supported mob that illustrates perfectly the increase in organizational skills and determination of these endorsers of equal poverty, worthless health care, and guns for all but the “the voting public.” Black Lives Matter and Antifa want 90% of American to support their 10 percent who will be leaders and the secret police to enforce “agreement.” This is the violence that exists today in relatively small areas of our Country that “HOPEFULLY” will be understood by these Democratic Mayors in time to Man and Equip the police to return security, safety, and free enterprise to their cities in America.

As for President Obama’s trickle up economics, he was very successful in the significant growth of China during his eight years. The middle class, you spoke of, was almost eliminated during his movement of American businesses to that country. But he correctly said, “It will take a miracle to return manufacturing to America.” Against all odds, that miracle is happening under President Trump.

I am the grandson of a WV Senator who led Democrats for Underwood in the 1950s and I am sure he would reject the Democratic Party today.

Frank W. Tuckwiller


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