1898 building to get solar energy makeover

Fritz Boettner (Downstream Strategies), and Timothy Luce (Presidio Studios) have partnered to purchase and renovate the historic First National Bank building in Alderson. Their plans are to locate their respective businesses in the office space on the second floor, while incubating a third party business in the ground floor retail space. “Both Fritz and I have a common interest in seeing Alderson continue on its path of revitalization, so we decided to put our proverbial money where our mouths are. We’ll renovate the entire building and occupy the second floor while seeking another business to occupy the prime retail space on the ground floor,” remarked Luce. “The renovation of this landmark building is a great step forward for the revitalization of downtown Alderson,” said Jim Russell of Alderson Main Street’s (AMS) Hub Team.

Alderson was settled in 1777 and has a rich history as an educational and economic center for the region. “Timothy and I both have complementary skillsets and a deeply shared interest in energy efficiency and alternative energy, so we look to outfit the building with solar energy components and remodel with energy efficiency in mind” commented Boettner. “What Fritz and Timothy have committed to do for Alderson is what every community needs and hopes for. The pledge of their talents and the promise of their time and resources demonstrate a level of leadership and dedication that cannot be measured. When committed people get involved, good things happen,” said Steve Weir, executive director of the Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Corporation.

Renovations will begin this fall and should wrap up around the first of the year. The building has beautifully detailed architecture, and as a former bank it includes the original safe and a brick partial-basement that would make a great wine cellar. “For the ground floor retail space, which is over 1,200 square feet, we are entertaining ideas for prospective commercial tenants that would like to locate in such a historic setting and be a part of the rebirth of Alderson. We are prepared to offer very affordable rent to help jumpstart entrepreneurs” Boettner added.

Margaret Hambrick, treasurer of AMS, said, “This is a wonderful old building with great potential. I am sure Fritz and Timothy will be bringing it back to life and adding their energy to the historic business district of Alderson.

With the Greenbrier River, the Memorial Walking Bridge, the Gazebo, together with the ongoing events managed by AMS, Alderson is poised to become a great destination for tourists and residents alike.

Historic First National Bank building in Alderson
Historic First National Bank building in Alderson

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