Crowd description not accurate

Dear Editor:

I appreciate the coverage of the February 1st Lewisburg City Council meeting, which told people how to find the proposed ordinance and how it is being misrepresented. One line I need to address is “The pro-ordinance crowd of about 90 people was dominated by mostly young people in their 20s and 30s.” I was out on the sidewalk for two hours and saw dozens of supporters I knew in their 40s through late 60s. I also estimate supporters at 50% higher than “about 90.” Supporters were clustered in the front and the back of the line. A sign-on sheet was passed only after many local supporters, myself included, had left the area, while those bussed in were still on site, so it is not accurate. As a father and grandfather, I also do not want to put them at risk; however, I will make decisions based on fairness and equal rights.

I continue to encourage people to read the ordinance and review the consistent reports of no credible evidence regarding predator fear.

Larry Levine



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