Wash your face with kerosene

I love cosmetics! Ever since I was a little girl, pretending a rhododendron leaf dipped.

Keep On and Ya Don’t Stop

I’ve got the musical taste of a 14-year-old. This is a good thing, because my.

Gossip with Sources

Sometimes, when I’m feeling flip, I like to refer to the work I do as.

Happy camper

My husband doesn’t know me. I swear, he thinks I’m a princess and our mattress.

Howling at the Moon

Y’all want some dogs? How about some cats? This morning, I was driving my teenager.

Vacay Cake

I’m writing to you from Snowshoe. While my co-workers toil away this week, I’m sleeping.

Twelve years and counting

August marks my 12-year anniversary as a Friars Hill resident. Only eight more years, and.

I wrote this myself

Like Melania Trump, I am often inspired by Michelle Obama and many other Important People..

Friars Hill Video Game

I said to my co-worker today, “Man, you should have seen all the deer I.

Who am I, anyway?

I got THE COOLEST present for my 40th birthday: a DNA kit! According to the.