Jo Ann Roberson to Denver L. Baker, Sr., Lot # 6, Block 1, fronting 50 ft. on 11th Street, Town of Rainelle


Michael Baldwin and Tammy Baldwin to Charles S. Meadows and Betty J. Meadows, .286 Acres, District of Rainelle Corporation Michael T. Zimmerman and Stephanie J. Zimmerman to Donald A. Davis, II and Jessica R. Davis,...

Cambridge Financial Services. L.C. to Stacy Lynne Monk and Frederick Lee Monk, 11.781 Acres, Fort Spring District


Jeffrey Lushbaugh DBA Mt. Top Construction to Cline Lily, Lot #15, Willow Bend Subdivision, Frankford Dist. Deerfield Interests, Inc., John Wade Bell, etal to Dickens Fenwick, LLC, Property I-3.806 Acres: Property II-9.173 Acres: Property Ill-12.95...

Latelle M. Lafollette, IV and A. Kirsten Lafollette to Patrick L. Via and Jeri A. Via, 0.675 acre, City of Lewisburg

B & G Properties, LLC to Edward W. Knight, II, 2.04 Acres, Fort Spring District

Forest T. Foster to Thomas Lee Foster, 7 Acres, White Sulphur District

Cambridge Financial Services, L.C. to Theresa Lee Casto and John Frantz, 11.542 Acres, 11.655 Acres, 11.575 Acres, Fort Spring District

White Rock Land Ventures, LLC to Charles W. Mullen and Dovia Ann Mullen, Lot # 140 South Ridge Subdivision, Irish Corner District  

Melissa Keene Vance to Melissa Keene Vance and Paul William Vance, Lots # 26, 28, 30, City of Ronceverte