Pocket park proposed for Lewisburg


The City of Lewisburg stands to gain a small park, located in the Rolling Hills residential area, provided the home owners authority (RHHOA) can get a two-thirds majority of the homeowner membership to approve the deed transfer, according to City Attorney Jesse Guills. RHHOA members Herb Pearis and Ross Perry made their original request to the Parks Commission on Dec. 11 in hopes the City would accept the 1.5 acre proposal. The Parks Commission voted to present the proposal to city council. After considering the added expense to the City and hearing city attorney Guills’ legal advice, the council approved the transfer pending the Rolling Hills membership approval.

HLC chair Carol Olson presented an annual report to city council of the actions taken in 2013 on property applications for changes within the Lewisburg Historic District. Fifty-eight applications were received; 47 were approved as submitted; nine were approved with conditions attached; one was withdrawn and one was denied but later approved when further details were supplied.

The Lewisburg Farmers Market’s lease with the city was renewed for the year of 2014 with market representatives Timothy Peregoy and Anne Brown in attendance at the council meeting on Dec. 17. Peregoy noted that when the Montwell Park market site is completed, the Lewisburg Farmers Market will move in toto to the new location on Jefferson Street most likely by some time in the summer or late spring.

Fire Chief Wayne Pennington reported that nearly half of all calls to the city fire department come from the county areas outside Lewisburg city limits. The department receives no compensation for this service from the county. He said the fire department’s annual drive for funding is $17,000 below last year’s funding campaign. Pennington also said under the Affordable Care Act, Lewisburg may need to provide approximately 43 volunteer firefighters with insurance or pay a penalty for each fireman not covered. Those penalties could come to $86,000 annually. The mayor received approval from city council to send a letter to ask state representatives to make an adjustment to the provision for mandatory insurance for volunteer firemen.