Friars Hill Traffic Report

Friars Hill Traffic Report

Friars Hill Traffic Report By Sarah Mansheim Managing Editor • Mountain Messenger

Gossip with Sources

Sometimes, when I’m feeling flip, I like to refer to the work I do as “gossip with sources.” In a way, it’s true, but...

Happy camper

My husband doesn’t know me. I swear, he thinks I’m a princess and our mattress has a pea underneath it. You know, he thinks...

Howling at the Moon

Y’all want some dogs? How about some cats? This morning, I was driving my teenager to school and I turned to her and said, “Do...

Vacay Cake

I’m writing to you from Snowshoe. While my co-workers toil away this week, I’m sleeping in, lounging at the pool, kayaking and shooting skeet. We’ve hiked...

Twelve years and counting

August marks my 12-year anniversary as a Friars Hill resident. Only eight more years, and I’ll be considered a local! I still have a...

I wrote this myself

Like Melania Trump, I am often inspired by Michelle Obama and many other Important People. And, while I never may be the first lady,...

Friars Hill Video Game

I said to my co-worker today, “Man, you should have seen all the deer I didn’t hit when I was driving home last night!” “Yes!”...

Who am I, anyway?

I got THE COOLEST present for my 40th birthday: a DNA kit! According to the instructions, I just have to refrain from eating or drinking...

High Water

I remember the flood of 1985. I was nine years old, and my aunt and cousin lived in Marlinton. I remember going there the...

New to Town

This column originally appeared in the Aug. 15, 2015 edition of the Mountain Messenger Now, I’m a newcomer to Friars Hill; I’ve lived there only...

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