Bits of News from the BIRDHOUSE


With a saddened heart I write this week’s column. Nicholas County, as well as West Virginia, lost not only one of the great banjo players of this area, but a great man as well. Jerry Moore of Nettie passed over the weekend and he will be missed by many.

Jerry Moore, along with Ike Sparks and Delmas McCutcheon joined with Larry Cunningham and formed what once was a well-known Bluegrass band for the area, “Roarin’ Creek.” They played festivals all over and Larry often recalls the time Jerry got his goat by dressing up as a woman and climbing on stage to play with the band. It seemed everyone was in on the joke but group leader Larry, who said he was thinking that the ugliest woman he ever seen just climbed up to play music with the band when he recognized Jerry under that wig. Larry said the best he could do was not to even look across at Jerry if he wanted to make it through the performance.

Jerry left Roarin’ Creek, on good terms of course and started playing all gospel bluegrass with the ever famous and favorite Butler Family.

Go rest high on the mountain, Jerry, we’re all gonna miss your gentle way and heart of gold.

The weather was beautiful this past weekend and I hope everyone took advantage of it and got a good jump on the spring clearing and cleaning that always has to take place. I was blessed that my daughter and grandson came home for the weekend and gave this old gal a helping hand which made some of the bigger jobs I normally do much easier. My outdoor kitchen is opened and ready for cook outs, and both porches are cleaned and furniture placed.

Larry worked hard getting my garden area ready for planting and when I know for sure it’s safe on this mountain from freezing weather, I will start cleaning and clearing out my many flower beds.

Onion sets and lettuce planted and herb beds are cleared and ready to go as well. Larry has gotten the ground ready to build my small green house and to me that is as exciting as getting an early Christmas present.

There’s not much more enjoyment in this old world then to sit around a good old bonfire, friends gathered round, roasting wieners and making s’mores, playing a little music and listening to all the great sounds of spring. Frogs croaking, birds singing, kids laughing and the sweet sound of a soft picking guitar and a few voices blending together in some great old song.

The Leivasy People place will be holding their annual Ramp Dinner Apr. 26 and Richwood’s Feast of the Rampson is that same day. Up Richwood way you’ll have thousands of people, lots of arts and crafts and just a good time by all, someone told me they were cooking ramps a little better, I sure hope so cause as I said before boiled ramps are not any good.  Over at Leivasy People Place (the old Leivasy Grade School) they usually have some awesome cooks and the ramps are really good.

The Jam Room will be holding an indoor yard sale that day as well trying to make a buck or two to keep the jam room running as it is, FREE to all who want to come over. So your support on that would be much appreciated. The Jam room runs on donations only and if you want to hear some good pickin’, see lots of friendly faces, and enjoy some good home-made desserts, then that is the place to be for sure. If anyone ever feels it in your heart and pocket to make a small donation to the Friday Night Jam you can let me know or contact Delmas McCutcheon or Delmas Bennett.

Well, that does it for now, sure hope everyone’s doing good and remembering to take advantage of every pretty day you can. From us here at the BIRDHOUSE we wish to all of you good health, good times and good living always.