Artist paints the town


Ellen Fischer of Vero Beach, Florida is presently in Ronceverte working on a commissioned painting of two newly renovated buildings at the intersection of Main Street and Frankford Avenue.

Fischer is in town for a family reunion and staying with her cousin Mike Rodoussakis, owner of Rudy’s Corner Grill. She explained she is somewhat bound to the beauty of Ronceverte’s yesteryear and is happy to see the revitalization efforts and accomplishments happening now. The artist spent much of her youth in Ronceverte with her grandparents on Teaberry Road. She has many memories of the town of Ronceverte. She says, “There were grocery stores and pharmacies and a much busier commerce going on back then. I would like to see it all return.”

When Fischer comes to town for family gatherings, she always takes the time to paint the historical homes, buildings and landscapes. To contact her and view some of the artist’s work, visit